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We offer a wide variety of programs to best fit your company's needs. These programs range from companies as small as two employees, to more specific plans for large companies.

Human Resouces

SPB handles employee relations, payroll, benefits, and more. Plan, direct, and coordinate the administrative functions of an organization the easy way with us!

Payroll & Human Resources Administration Services


This service is designed for businesses that want to concentrate on running and growing their business, not administrative work. We act as an extension of your company and handle:

  • Payroll processing. You won’t need to go into the Gusto system to administer payroll yourself, simply send us an email with any applicable hours worked (if the internal Time system is not being utilized), or changes to employees/bonuses/etc.

  • Deductions and applicable payments to carriers.

  • Automated and electronic employee onboarding, to include sending offer letters/non-disclosure and non-compete agreements (if applicable)/employee handbook (if your organization has one)/and all required onboarding paperwork.

  • Various payroll reports available that will be sent at your desired frequency.

  • Refunds if overpayments are made to any carriers.

Large Business Healthcare

50+ employees? Don't stress. Let us take care of all of your healthcare insurance needs.

Small Business Healthcare

Explore the benefits that health insurance can have for your small company! For those who are self-employed on their own, and for those who are seeking small business health insurance plans for a workforce of two to 50 employees, SPB is the right choice for you.

Supplemental Benefits

Find the right Supplemental insurance policies with SPB. We include a variety of policies and offer plans that cover medical expenses, deductibles, copayments, and more!

Identification of Work Opportunity, Research, and Development Tax Credits

Planning on hiring employees? Do you have any products or recipes that are unique to your business or industry? Chances are, you are eligible for thousands of dollars in tax credits.

We will do all necessary legwork on the back-end in order to find your company any available tax credits. There is a 15% contingency-based charge, meaning you don’t pay a penny, unless we have found you credits, and credits that the IRS have certified.

On average, 1 in 5 new-hires will qualify for a Work Opportunity Tax Credit, and the average amount is $2,000 per qualifier. These credits go back to you, the business owner.

While there are many categories that an employee
can potentially qualify under, some of the most common qualifiers are military Veterans, as well as ex-felons.



Salary Comparison Service

Ready to hire your first employee? Thinking about expanding your business into a new state? It doesn’t matter if we have prepared an offer letter on your behalf, or if you have an employee, negotiating a raise, landing on the perfect salary is an important thing to nail down. Simply tell us about your state and job title, and we’ll show you the average amount someone earns with the same background as you.

We will provide a breakdown of the average salaries for your specific companies job roles, in any of the 50 states. We will also provide how those salaries compare to national averages.


Introducing Gusto

The People Platform.

We use Gusto to calculate and file your payroll taxes. With three different Gusto options, you can choose the one that is right for your company.

Gusto Pricing Plans

Gusto offers 3 different payroll and HR plans so you can choose the one that’s right for your client, based on the answers to the questions. You can add benefits and insurance to any Gusto plan.


Modern, full-service payroll:

  • Automated federal. state, and local tax payments and filings
  • Quick to set up
  • Easy to use
  • Integrated

Ideal for businesses who:

    • Are new to payroll
    • Have one location
    • Are an S-Corp
    • Have basic payroll or HR needs
    • Have 1099 contractors
    • Want to make payroll a breeze

$6/mo per person plus $39/mo base


Everything in Core, plus:

  • Digital employee offer letters and paperless onboarding
  • Custom docs, e-signatures and secure storage
  • Employee surveys and engagement tools
  • PTO requests and approvals
  • Employee directory and org chart

Ideal for businesses who:

  • Are hiring and growing
  • Care about attracting and retaining talent
  • Want to streamline managing teams
  • Love paperless HR
  • Are considering offering benefits
  • Want to build a strong company culture
$12/mo per person plus $39/mo base


Everything in Core and Complete, plus:

  • Live, expert HR advice from certified pros
  • Personalized employee handbooks, docs, and HR policies
  • Proactive compliance help
  • Library of HR resources and templates

Ideal for business who:

  • Operate in multiple states or have remote teams
  • Need to build out HR policies
  • Want to reduce compliance risks and gain peace of mind
  • Want to push off hiring a full-time HR pro
  • Are new to HR and need expert advice

$12/mo per person plus $149/mo base

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