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We believe small businesses have been greatly overlooked…treated as a number, not a name.

With that belief, Southern Payroll & Benefits was founded. We have partnered with the industry-leader for payroll and human resources management, Gusto. We offer a simple, transparent pricing structure with no hidden fees or charges.

Similarly, we are working with the brightest minds and most transformative companies so that we can offer outstanding health care benefits, business insurance, retirement planning, and merchant processing.

Southern Payroll & Benefits also believes in giving back. We have pledged to give back 2% of our proceeds and provide ways for each company and their employees to do so, as well.

“When you lose a client, it is rarely because your competitor’s product/service has a few extra bells and whistles. It is rarely because your competitor is a couple of dollars a month cheaper. It is rarely because of that amazing promo that the salesperson offered. In almost all instances, you lose a client because they feel neglected. Southern Payroll & Benefits won’t be touched from a customer-service standpoint, and we refuse to be outworked by anyone in the industry.


George Wilson




Superior Customer Service and Response Time

The knowledge and experience you need to streamline your business.

  • - Coming up with a name*
    - Coming up with a logo
    - Choosing an entity type (Sole Prop, LLC, S-Corp, etc.)*
    - Registering your business with the secretary of state*
    - Applying for an employer identification number (EIN)* - Obtaining Business Insurance - Hiring employees: determine wages, pay-frequency, correctly classify the employee or contractor, and collect all legally required HR paperwork (W4s, W9s, Direct-Deposit Authorization, I-9s)*
  • - Bookkeeping (internal or to an outsourced partner like SPB)
    - Employees clocking in/out (if not on Salary)
    - Start accepting payments from customers/clients
  • Run your first payroll. If you aren't working with an outsourced payroll provider like Gusto/SPB, be sure to make all applicable payroll tax payments to the State and Federal Government.
  • File Quarterly Federal Tax Return and Report of Tax Liability for Semiweekly Schedule Depositors (Form 941 and Schedule B). REPEAT EVERY QUARTER.*
  • - File Annual Federal Tax Return (Form 944 and Form 945-A if depositing semi-weekly)*
    - File Annual Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax Return and Multi-State Employer and Credit Reduction Information (Form 940 and Schedule A)*
    - If applicable, file Qualified Small Business Payroll Tax Credit for Increasing Research Activities (Form 8974)
    - Deliver W2s and 1099s to employees and contractors. Repeat these tax filings and delivery of W2s/1099s every year.*
  • Roll out supplemental insurance to employees or other fringe benefits (think Aflac).
  • File Quarterly Federal Tax Return and Report of Tax Liability for Semiweekly Schedule Depositors (Form 941 and Schedule B). REPEAT EVERY QUARTER.*
  • Begin offering traditional Med/Dental/Vision Benefits.

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